Frank Sawicki, Site Services Leader- US CBD

IBM Global Business Services

1. Great project management skills preparing for all the P3 NA sites and keeping all the balls in the air 2. Really good customer skills during our kick off call with our site contacts-most of whom are non-technical. Great demeanor, good humor, and the ability to put them at ease about this project by answering all their questions in a non-jargon way. Keep up the great work!

Ahmed Abdalla, Applications Development Manager

Catlin, Inc.

I wanted to just express both my thanks and pleasure for Juan’s involvement and assistance with this project. Juan is a very high-quality performer and is an excellent communicator. His dedication and work ethic clearly distinguish him, and provide me with a high degree of confidence that our project is in good hands and well positioned for success. I look forward to continuing to work with him and The Proven Method team.

Peter Appleyard, CIO

Time+Plus Systems

To me, The Proven Method value proposition is delivering competitively priced, non-traditional results for complicated problems in the shortest timeframe.

Vincent J. Tavormina, Director, Business Transformation Services

IBM Business Consulting Services

Overwhelmed by it's own complexity and faced with possible demise, IBM struggled to learn the lessons it needed to survive. Transformation was the key. And it needed it quickly." Quoted on the IBM Business Transformation website. Over the past seven years, The Proven Method has played a key role in this successful Transformation by consistently providing highly skilled, business process specialists to assist in the mission critical, business transformation of the IBM Company internally and, externally, with several of their customers.

Lisa Slaker, Project Office

The Home Depot

The Proven Method has been working with The Home Depot for many years providing IT resources to support their ongoing technology requirements. Our ability to respond quickly with top local talent at competitive rates has helped our customer meet development deadlines within budgetary constraints.

Randolph M. Case, Director IT & Telecommunications

Georgia Tech Research Institute

In our long term relationship, The Proven Method has consistently provided the most reliable and responsive results to our most challenging IT requirements. Being able to depend on The Proven Method gives us increased confidence to take on projects requiring rapid response and flexibility.