The Proven Method follows a strategic approach to identify, select and employ quality candidates ― an approach that is second to none. Our staffing experts gather the right requirements, ask the right questions, and explore the important issues to ensure that clients are precisely matched with the right talent.

Needs Assessment

Making decisions on staffing can be overwhelming. You are faced with daunting decisions, including: when to staff, the number of resources required, the skillsets needed or adding headcount to an established technical team. With so many variables to consider, many hiring managers find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with planning and budgeting and, ultimately, filling the position.

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Understanding Your IT Culture

Before placing a single candidate, we take the necessary time to thoroughly understand your IT culture, your needs, goals, environment and challenges. Doing so allows us to synergistically access your staffing requirements and strategically develop a plan to attract quality resources and top talent.

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The Proven Method not only leverages its extensive network of IT professionals, but it also uses a proven referral-based sourcing strategy. Additionally, we use the latest recruitment methods, both online and offline, for locating the most talented resources.

Screening & Skills Assessment

Every candidate is given a complete skills assessment before being placed on assignment. We have the latest in computerized testing to determine proficiency with the most commonly used programs and software. Only candidates who have the skills you need are placed in your position.


Following testing, our applicants are interviewed by our experienced staff to clarify job skills and assess professionalism and motivation.
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Reference & Background Checks

As standard practice, we thoroughly check a minimum of two references per applicant. Both a background check and drug screen are conducted after all the interviews are completed, and the candidate has been made an offer.


The Proven Method provides an automated matching system that few others can offer. Our specialized system generates a list of all candidates qualified for an open position. This same system is used to maintain detailed client information that is valuable in efficiently filling positions.

Follow Up

Extensive follow-up helps us ensure that we continually exceed your expectations.