Case Studies

The Proven Method is one of the best software development companies in Atlanta, Georgia. The Proven Method of doing business begins with thinking strategically about your business objectives, then collaborating with you to quickly develop and implement flexible, effective solutions. These solutions are then delivered by empowered, experienced, long-term IT professionals, backed by 25 years of IT business success – all working to meet your business goals.

Below, you'll find three examples of companies The Proven Method has worked with, along with details about that company, the goal the company wanted us to help them with, our solution, and the results.

Client: Hunter Douglas

Industry: Retail

Services: Mobile Development

About the client: Hunter Douglas is the world market leader in window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products. Hunter Douglas has its Head Office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and a Management Office in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Goal: Hunter Douglas wanted to enhance the productivity of sales associates in the field by providing a more interactive sales process with prospective customers. Before our solution, sales associates manually wrote customers’ order specifications. This process was slow, and created a disconnect between employees and clients.

Solution: The Proven Method delivered a mobile web-based application which allowed sales staff in the field to showcase Hunter Douglas’s window solutions. The application allows the sales person to design a custom window treatment package for a customer based on factors such as sound attenuation, solar heat gain, and sunlight filtering.

Results: Because the ordering process is now digitally enabled, sales associates are able to more readily take on the role of a solutions consultant and focus on customer preferences. Hunter Douglas also enjoys the benefits of having sales prospects’ information localized digitally, allowing for enhanced customer-relationship management capabilities.

Client: Bush Hog

Industry: Manufacturing

Services: Business Intelligence

About the client: Bush Hog, Inc. is the leading North American manufacturer of rotary cutters, finishing mowers, landscape tools, and tractor-mounted implements used in the agricultural market.

Goal: Bush Hog’s Business Information System was run on an outdated mainframe which stored data on VSAM files and required COBOL programs to access the information. Employees had to manually enter data into spreadsheets to manage their sales areas and be on-site to retrieve and handle information. Maintaining and modifying this legacy system was a slow and costly process. Bush Hog wanted to remotely access and update information in their information systems.

Solution: The Proven Method implemented a web-enabled Business Intelligence system which allowed employees to securely access sales information. Our solution successfully transferred all historic data into the web platform. This allowed Bush Hog to retrieve sales forecasting & projections, and realize the benefits of sales tracking.

Results: Bush Hog’s Sales Teams were able to remotely access the Sales History Warehouse for timely and dynamic reporting of sales metrics.

Client: Aaron's

Industry: Retail

Services: Custom Application Development

About the client: Aaron’s, Inc. is a specialty retailer serving consumers through the sale and lease ownership of residential furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and accessories in over 2,000 Company-operated and franchised stores in the United States and Canada. Aaron’s is the industry leader in serving the moderate-income consumer and offering affordable payment plans, quality merchandise and superior service.

Goal: Aaron’s regional managers were unable to easily track sales and expense information for each of their stores. This meant that important and time-sensitive decisions could not be made quickly or easily. Managers also had to be on-location to perform certain activities. In order to remain competitive, Aaron’s needed a way to link franchises digitally to allow for enhanced decision making abilities.

Solution: The Proven Method delivered a web-based solution called the Multi-Unit Management (MUM) Portal. The MUM Portal now allows regional managers to access their stores remotely, perform management activities, and view operation data via a secure VPN connection.

Results: Since implementing the MUM Portal, regional managers now enjoy the benefits of having information and decision-making abilities centralized at over 2,000 locations. Travel time has been greatly reduced, management performance has increased, and job satisfaction has soared.